• Is your monthly student loan payment unaffordable?

    Teachers and others in Public Service careers can struggle to repay their student loans.

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  • Is your student debt making it impossible to live a normal life?

    Is your credit rating suffering? Are you unable to afford the life you deserve for yourself and your family?

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  • Is your lender giving you the right answers to your unique problems?

    Does your lender take the time to ask you about your career, your income and inform you about the consequences of forbearance or 20+ year loan terms? Do they help you on a path to loan forgiveness or to a lifetime of debt?

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  • Are you questioning your career choice because your student debt is unmanageable?

    You’ve devoted your education and career to helping others. We think you deserve. Let us show you how to turn your career into a financial asset!

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    Our mission is to help educators, health care workers and other public servants to get the help they need to make their student debt problems manageable.

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How We
Can Help You

Our mission focuses on helping public service employees, those who’ve dedicated their careers to helping others, to better their own lives. Our proprietary Personal Loan Evaluation software helps those with federal student loan debt to simplify the US Government’s application process; reducing a borrower’s monthly loan repayments and being put on a path for loan forgiveness.

You can run your own Personal Loan Evaluation for FREE!

The People Who Trust Us

Our staff has helped thousands of people who struggled with repaying their student loans. Here are a few of those people we’ve helped.

“Thank you TrustRight for helping me with my student loans. When I met your representative, I was supposed to be paying about $400.00 per month and had no idea how I was going to handle that type of monthly expense. After going through your service, I now have a $0 monthly payment on my student loans this year. That saves me $400.00 per month. Wow!”

Gwen W.Miami-Dade County Public Schools teacher

“Thanks for getting me on track. I tried to complete this process on my own a couple of yeas ago. Unfortunately my attempt put me into a worse position than I was currently in. I called my servicer once I received my loan and realized that I would not be able to afford the monthly payment. They told me that this is what I qualified for and it was the best they could do. One of my coworkers suggested that I contact TrustRight. Once TrustRight completed my file they had me in a program that reduced my monthly payment by $700 per month. They were also able to get me credit for payments that I had made In the past. These payments will be used towards my Public Service Loan Forgiveness.”

Mindy K.Broward County Public Schools teacher

“It really is a big relief to have this situation taken care of for me. It is a huge weight off my back! I knew I was running out of Forbearance time, and I didn’t realize that Forbearance was just adding to my student loan balance. And I had no idea there were so many other options available to save me money. Thank you for shedding some light on my loan situation, and I can’t wait to see my results. Thank you again!”

Sandra M.Broward County Public Schools employee

“My wife referred me to TrustRight. When starting with them I was concerned that once they completed the processing I wouldn’t receive the same great results my wife experienced. I was surprised when they called me in less than 30 day of starting with them to let me know my file was complete. My results were actually better than what my wife received. They were able to reduce my monthly payment down to something I can afford. I feel better knowing that both my wife and I will be able to afford our student loans and they will no longer be a financial burden.”

George W.VA Police

How would saving on your student loan payments change your life?

How much
can you save?

We specialize in helping people in Public Service careers to find the best matching DOE programs that will reduce your monthly loan payments and qualify for the maximum loan forgiveness amounts. No two people have the same situation, so no two people end up with the same savings. We make it easy for you to identify the loan programs that are the best fit for you.

Current Plan
Plan A without our help.
Plan B with our help.

On Average
Our Clients Save


on their monthly payment

How does the TrustRight
Personal Loan Evaluation software work?

It’s a simple 3 step process that takes just a few minutes of your time.

Tell us your unique story

  • Your public service job details
  • Your income and family size
  • Your student loan details
Are you a firefighter, nurse, police officer, educator or in the military? Tell TrustRight Student Loan Services your story.
Save money each month. Try our software.

Compare eligible programs and see your savings!

TrustRight’s Personal Loan Evaluation shows you:

  • Monthly payment amounts
  • Available Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • Other immediate Loan Forgiveness

Get results – Guaranteed!

  • TrustRight automates the documentation preparation
  • Simplified instructions for your application
  • Get the results you expect or your money back!
100% Guarantee - Get Results

Sponsors & Employers

Recruiting and retaining good employees or members is a challenge for any organization and more so for those who work with full time Public Service employees. Your organization and people are focused on providing a much needed service to improve your community or the well-being of a group of fellow citizens.

Our company can deliver co-branded solutions that you can offer to your members or employees to further their own commitment to your organization and deliver specialized financial benefits for the rewarding career they’ve chosen. Please contact us to discuss your organization’s needs and how we may be able to work with you.

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Disclaimer: TrustRight Student Loan Services is a privately held, for-profit company that provides do-it-yourself software which, for a fee, assists consumers in preparing applications to consolidate their federal student loans. We are not affiliated with the federal government, including the U. S. Department of Education, and have no role in approving loan consolidations. We are not a loan servicer and do not provide debt relief services. You can apply for loan consolidation without paid assistance at https://studentaid.ed.gov. Obtaining a consolidation loan or repayment plan may not be the best option for you. It is important to carefully consider all DOE program options, including continuing to make payments under the terms of your existing loans, before deciding which course of action is right for you. Lower monthly payments may lead to longer student loan maturity periods, increasing the total amount of interest you would pay over the life of the loan.

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