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Are you a teacher, nurse, firefighter, or other public servant in our country who gives tirelessly of themselves? Our goal is to inform you when something important happens in the world of student loans.

We founded our company to help you manage your student loan debt, and we started this blog to help demystify student loan issues in general. We’ll work to keep you updated so you’re always in the know about the most current government programs available to you. You spend your days and nights giving back to our communities, so we’d like to give back to you.

That’s why we make it our business to always be on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the student loan industry, including news, tips, guides, loan debt forgiveness program updates, payment plan eligibility and more. Be looking for our regular blog updates below.

US Department of Education Earns a Failing Grade

Each year hundreds of thousands of students either graduate or leave college with a massive amount of student loan debt. Recent reports are that 70% of all graduates have student loans with an average of more than $37,000 upon graduation. This is a never-ending cycle of personal debt that is fueled by the US Department […]

5 Ways President Trump may Complicate Student Loan Forgiveness

It’s no secret that millions of Americans are drowning in student loan debt, and those same people were hopeful that the 2016 presidential election would bring some relief. While both candidates made promises to ease the burden on student loan borrowers, Donald Trump’s plans were certainly more vague, and his actions since getting elected have […]


Why 16% of borrowers default on student debt and how you can avoid it

Two Big Reasons Why Student Loan Defaults are on the Rise Currently, 44 million former college graduates and attendees owed $1.3 trillion in federal student loan debt, and one of every six of those borrowers were in default. That is a staggering number of Americans who are putting their financial futures in jeopardy.  Another 27% […]

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Student loan forgiveness for teachers: Do you qualify?

When you graduated from college and landed your first teaching job, you likely pictured yourself in a rewarding career helping to shape the lives of future generations. So while you probably didn’t see yourself rolling in the dough with a teaching job, you might not have realized how hard it would be to deal with […]


What you should know about making student loan repayments

It doesn’t take long after finishing your degree for reality to hit you hard with your first bill from your student loan servicer, for example Great Lakes or Navient student loans . But this doesn’t have to be a freak-out moment! Here are some debt-paying strategies for both new graduates and those who have been […]