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Recruiting and retaining good employees, clients or members is a challenge for any organization and more so for those who work with full time Public Service employees. Your organization and people are focused on providing a much-needed service to improve your community or the well-being of a group of fellow citizens.

People chosen for public service careers work hard and often for an income that makes it impossible to afford a quality life or retirement. Wouldn’t it be great if you could help the people in your organization keep more of the money they make? You can with TrustRight.

Our company helps student loan borrowers identify and apply to one of many available federal student loan repayment and forgiveness programs. Once enrolled, these borrowers can see their monthly payments drop by hundreds of dollars a month, which means more of their take home pay can stay where it belongs: helping to enrich their lives.

TrustRight can work with your organization to provide this service to your employees, members or clients as part of your overall benefits package or client services. Together, we can offer a bright path toward a better financial future for your valuable people. It’s a great way to show your dedication and appreciation for tireless public servants, and can even serve as a recruiting tool for future members.

There are 44 million Americans with active student loan accounts, 7 million Americans who are currently in default on their student loans, and countless Americans who don’t know how to apply for student loan forgiveness programs. Your members or clients don’t need to drown in their student loan debt any longer. Let’s work together to make student loan stress a thing of the past.

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